About Amanda Kopischke


Amanda Kopischke is the Founder and CEO of Charis-Connection, a consulting and coaching firm focused on coming alongside others to foster growth and facilitate change in a grace-filled environment. Amanda earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Bethel University and a Master of Arts degree in Education from Saint Mary’s University. Her education, coupled with twenty-two years of experience working in education, ministry, and organizational leadership settings, has allowed her to become a dynamic leader, teacher, developer, connector, and bridge builder. 

With teaching experience in public school, private school, and overseas, administration experience, managerial experience in running a tutoring and academic coaching business, and serving on boards in higher education, Amanda enjoys blessing and serving others with her unique blend of skills and expertise. She uses her writing abilities and expertise to develop curriculum, secure grants, achieve accreditation, develop strategic plans, and produce professional development materials for organizations. She is adept at providing research and resources for her clients, while working alongside them on their customized projects.

Amanda resides in Corcoran, Minnesota, along with her husband, Troy, and their three children. When they are not at their home out in the country, they are enjoying the outdoors, playing sports, traveling, or farming a little land.

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