Academic Life Coaching

How is academic life coaching different than tutoring?

  • The tools taught reduce stress by helping students create new habits, so goals can be reached and growth can be maximized.

  • Coaching creates capacity for students to gain confidence and clarity about who they are and how they are uniquely created and gifted, which increases intrinsic motivation.

  • Students gain the necessary tools and awareness to connect their choices and decisions with their values.

  • Students are challenged and extension plans are formulated and integrated when needed often combining school academic material and interests and passions in life.

  • Executive Functioning Skills are infused into lessons for students: organization, emotional control, task initiation, metacognition, persistence, working memory, planning and prioritization, flexibility, and time management.

How academic life coaches help students with executive functioning skills and strategies:

  • Learn and apply strategies to get work started and initiate tasks independently

  • Learn about their brains are wired and how to use that to their advantage when studying

  • Develop systems and processes or organizing backpacks, lockers, and work areas

  • Learn and practice methods for coping with emotions

  • Learn how to break assignments into smaller parts and how to create a work plan to bring assignments to completion

  • Learn strategies for staying on task and maintaining attention at school and at home

  • Develop reflection skills to help establish new habits and the ownership of them

  • Increase independence with daily routines

The good news is that there are people trained in this arena who can set up systems and processes, encourage the hearts of students and family members, and redefine success by looking at growth.