“Amanda is an incredibly gifted strategic thinker, planner and coach.  Her leadership as Vice-Chair for Bethel University's National Alumni Board has allowed the organization to expand its effectiveness.  Amanda's ability to coach the Alumni and Family Relations leadership team has proven to be invaluable as she helped us navigate engagement strategies for the future.  Her passion for serving others combined with a unique ability to think strategically have been vital to our success.  I can not thank Amanda enough for her coaching, her insight, and her professionalism.  She made a positive impact on our organization.”
-Jim Bender, Director of Alumni and Family Relations, Bethel University

"Amanda has the unique ability to make whatever she touches better.  Whether accreditation, curriculum work, professional development, or working with students and teachers, Amanda consistently exceeded my expectations.   She sees the big picture while filling in the details to make a vision become reality. I continue to go to her for honest feedback in order to make the educational  process better for students. Simply put, I trust her and this is the highest compliment I can give another individual."
-Ben Bakeberg, Middle School Principal, Jordan Public Schools

"My first association with Amanda is when she submitted a School Garden Grant application to Jeffers Foundation in 2015. I was so impressed with her grant that I rated it the best of the over 250 applications we received. The true test came when we visited each of the grantees schools to see if their project met the criteria stated in their application. The project at Heritage Christian Academy under Amanda’s direction proved to be outstanding. It was absolutely one of the very best of the 83 schools to which we awarded grants."
-Dar Fosse, Retired Vice President, Jeffers Foundation

“I have had the privilege of partnering with Amanda through school accreditation for AdvancED and now, ACSI. I would highly recommend Amanda to complete your accreditation process with excellence. She is reliable, efficient, and highly detailed oriented. Her approach to accreditation is one that encourages growth for the school and speaks honestly of where the school is at in their academic efforts. Amanda has an outstanding reputation among local schools in the Minneapolis area, and with AdvancED."
-Joanna Richter, Elementary Principal, New Life Academy

"Amanda has planned a plethora of STEM curricular projects that support teachers in their implementation of STEM learning experiences in the classroom, many in conjunction with grant facilitation. When integrating STEM in school curriculum, Amanda places high value on 21st century skills like problem-solving, creativity, innovation, scientific discourse and argumentation, and having a growth mindset. Her integrity, compassion, vision, and drive fosters a great learning experience for those she is collaborating with."
-Angela Anderson, Innovation Lab Specialist, Minnehaha Academy

I would like to take this opportunity to endorse Amanda Kopischke’s professionalism, her knowledge of teaching pedagogy, her understanding of curriculum and instruction, and her skills in developing effective professional development workshops for teachers. I have worked with Amanda since the fall of 2014 as we partnered to develop professional development sessions centered on STEM. Amanda effectively used Backward Design and scaffolding to create a structure that would provide meaningful opportunities for students to develop a deeper understanding of both the processes and content of science throughout their K-12 experience.”
-Patricia Paulson, Ph.D., Prof. of Science Education and Program Director of STEM in K-12 Education in Graduate School, Bethel University

“Amanda’s attention to detail and exceptional planning skills resulted in success producing lasting growth for professional development initiatives.  She has vision to see the bigger picture and the ability to break down the steps to avoid pitfalls and yet encourage those around her in the process. She understands the importance of strategic planning and helps to keep it in focus for everyday decisions. Amanda has challenged and supported me with coaching that gave me the confidence to excel.”
-Greg Saunders, Director of Exceptional Learning, Academy of Whole Learning